Assisting law enforcement, insurance, and fire investigators in the detection of ignitable liquids at suspicious fire scenes.

These proficient Canine Accelerant Detection Teams are available for private accelerant searches.


Please contact the handlers nearest you for availability & rates.
Eileen Porter & K9 Rafa

  Linda Phelps & K9 Trevor
 K9 Handlers:  Eileen Porter and Linda Phelps
Q. Global
 Address:        10 Old Grayback Rd. -
Goldendale, WA  98620

 Phone:          509-250-1711 - Eileen Porter
                       509-250-0261 - Linda Phelps

 Email:            Eileen Porter: 
                       Linda Phelps: 

K9 Name: Trevor
 Breed: Beagle
 Color:  Black/Tan/White
 Sex:     Male
 DOB:    5-5-2007
 Alert/Reward:  Passive/Food
 In Service Date:  7-1-10
 Latest Certification Date: Oct. 27, 2016

K9 Name: Rafa
 Breed: Beagle
 Color:  Black/Tan/White
 Sex:     Male
 Alert/Reward:  Passive/Food
 In Service Date: 
 Latest Certification Date: Oct. 27, 2016

Both canines were trained by Dale Stavroff -  Precision Dogs, British Columbia, Canada

Specialty:  Ignitable Liquids, Hydro Carbons

Response Area:  Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Montana

Note: Both Linda Phelps and Eileen Porter are certified as a team with each canine.